Ernenwein & Johnson Testimonials

We have represented tens of thousands of clients against criminal charges since 1987. Many of them have expressed a great degree of confidence in our services and their satisfaction of our results. Each case is unique; let us evaluate yours.

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Take a look at what people are saying about Ernenwein & Johnson:

“When my daughter was facing serious felony charges, I was terrified, but was fortunate enough to be referred to Robert and Stephanie. They are simply the best. They immediately developed a defense strategy, worked tirelessly to put the plan in place and expertly presented it to the court. They are equally amazing lawyers and make a great team. Our outcome was victory and we couldn’t be more grateful.”Parent of a 2018 client

“Robert and Stephanie gave me a second chance at life after being charged with a very serious felony. There wasn’t even a split second when I didn’t believe they were doing everything they possibly could. They are the most trustworthy, talented, intelligent and caring people I know. They are a true inspiration and completely dedicated to their clients. I could not be happier about the outcome of my case.”2018 client

“I hired Mr. Ernenwein to represent my son who was arrested for 3 felony counts. Robert was referred to me by a civil litigation lawyer I used to work with. I don’t think words can express what a great job he did, but I will make an attempt. Robert went to the jail the day my son was arrested which was quite a relief for me because I was out of state and felt my hands are tied. He was diligent in letting me know what was going on with my son and his case. We ended up with a plea deal that I felt was the best possible outcome. During the plea hearing the Judge complimented Mr. Ernenwein on his representation of my son. Mr. Ernenwein remained very realistic about the facts of the case and the applicable law. I never had any doubt that hiring Mr. Ernenwein was the best decision I could make. There’s no doubt in my mind that a public defender would have gone to visit my son within hours of his arrest to assure him that his family was supporting him 100 percent. I would recomend Robert Ernenwin to anyone who is facing a case in the South Bay area.”Ann

Best Torrance Lawyer!

“Robert Ernenwein is a JOY to have as your lawyer!

Under his guidance, I received the best possible outcome in my case. I even enjoyed paying him, which is saying a lot.!! He made me a great deal, drew up a fantastic gameplan all the way through the results and probationary period, and represented me everytime in court. I never needed to show up because he was so professional and completely respected.

Robert asks you to call him by his first name, and is a personable and friendly guy who talks sports/current events as much as the law. He seems to really like you as a person, so this whole experience is made as easy and less stressfull as possible. He is a very down-to-earth guy with no attitude or arrogance, as one might expect from a lawyer of his caliber and experience.

I highly recommend Robert Ernenwein for you to hire when you need a lawer. His office will treat you right with fantastic service, and a comfortable atmosphere in central torrance, close to the courthouse.

Thanks Robert and staff!”Tony J.
November 3rd, 2016

My Lawyer

“A few months ago, I lived the scariest day of my life. I was arrested for a crime that could have made me a felon for life and sent me to prison. I was sure my career, my reputation, my life… would be utterly destroyed – that is, until I was blessed with the privilege of meeting and hiring criminal defense attorney, Robert Ernenwein.

I did something stupid and out of character. My original lawyer suggested I was almost certainly going to receive a lengthy jail sentence and a permanent felony on my record. Desperate, my family and I began looking for a criminal lawyer. We were referred to Robert Ernenwein. Hiring Mr. Ernenwein to represent me and handle my case was the wisest decision I could have made.

In a word, Robert Ernenwein and his representation was superb. He is a perfect balance of professionalism and legal excellence balanced with compassion and honesty. His knowledge of the law and its application to a legal defense is excellent. If all defense attorneys were like Mr. Ernenwien, jails, corrections facilities and prisons would not be as crowded.

What impressed my family and I the most is the fact that he, unlike many lawyers, believed in me, got to know me and my family and became truly our friend and ally. He fought for me like I was family. Bottom line; no jail, my charges reduced and I am set up to have my felony reduced to a misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed.

Lawyers can be criticized. But it is lawyers like Robert Ernenwein and his extraordinary team that should give faith to the public that being a lawyer can mean making a huge difference; an incredibly positive difference in someone’s life. I am writing this from the comfort of my home with my wife and children here with me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Robert. I could say more, but I will end simply with THANK YOU!”Anonymous
October 17th, 2016

Bull Dog Attorney with phenomenal knowledge and experience whom is also empathetic and caring

“Charged with a felony DUI with mandatory 1 year in prison
Result: Misdemeanor Conviction with no prison.

Violated probationary terms for the 1st time and bench warrant issued-outstanding for 5 years
Result: 40 hours community labor with no jail time and reinstatement into SB38 DUI Program.

Violated probationary terms for the 2nd time and bench warrant issued outstanding for 1 year
Result: Motion filed – bench warrant recalled – matter settled – case closed with no probation.

It’s not that Mr. Ernenwein somehow magically circumvents the law, but rather that he knows it so well and has so much experience that I received the fairest possible outcome to my case and he provided me the most life-changing legal service that one could ever hope for.

Robert Ernenwein, Esq. is a person that cares deeply about improving good people’s lives as evidenced by his empathy, expertise, professionalism and his commitment to his clients.

Everyone in my family including myself would refer Mr. Ernenwein for any and all criminal matters. My Father is a financial attorney and has referred Mr. Ernenwein to his clients and my Uncle carries around his business card in the off chance he might run into somebody that needs an attorney.

Mr. Ernenwein’s services have had a profoundly positive impact on my life and I am very fortunate to have had him in my corner.”Brandt
October 4th, 2016

“I recently found myself in need of a criminal defense attorney. Having several contacts in law enforcement I was directed to Robert Ernenwein. I called his office on a Sunday night and left a message. Later that night, I was contacted by Mr. Ernenwein. I explained my situation and he listened intensely and was sympathetic to my plight. While talking to Mr. Ernenwein, his knowledge and experience immediately became evident. He advised me on what I should do and a meeting was set with him. During our meeting I found Robert Ernenwein to be very professional and he reassured me that he would do everything he could to clear my name. I found him easy to contact and he kept me posted on the progress of my case. After 6 months, Mr. Ernenwein was able to have my case dismissed. I highly recommend Robert Ernenwein for anyone needing a competent and hard working attorney.”Mike A., Torrance, CA


“My Husbands criminal charges were in 2005; my daughters 3 criminal charges, were recent cases in 2015. My 18 year old daughter was facing charges, that blew my mind. As distraught as I was, I automatically knew to contact Attorney Ernenwein because he handled my husband’s case successfully. When it came to my daughter, I was hysterical and couldn’t think straight due to the stresses. Attorney was able to calm me down while I was on the phone crying. I was so Angry with her. Attorney, comforted me and then open my eyes to the severity; and how he can help us. I moved forward to listen to Attorney, met w/ him the same day. I knew in my heart, he was the PERFECT Attorney!! It was such a relief to know there was someone looking out for my husband & especially my daughter. I personally felt relieved every time, I spoke to him; he gave a comfort & professionalism of relief to both myself, my daughter and husband.

In Both cases, he referred me to the local bail bonds; and because his valuable reputation, the bail person, immediately assisted and approved a lower amount to pay.

He assured that everything will be okay; we were blessed to have found him. I am very honored Attorney Robert Ernenwein represented my daughter & my husband. He offered so much advise, professionalism; basically, an overall Outstanding Lawyer!

Mr. Robert Ernenewein is the BEST, his representation is OUTSTANDING!”Erguiza C.
Gardena, CA

“My family suddenly and unexpectedly needed the services of a defense attorney.

After searching Mr. Ernenwein came recommended to us by a friend. Upon speaking to Mr. Ernenwein a sense of pressure was lifted but it wasn’t over that easily.

It was comforting in knowing his years of experience and respect for his fellow colleagues that sealed our trust in his representing us. Mr. Ernenwein helped us tremendously and really did his job and did it exceptionally. We are truly grateful that Mr. Ernenwein and his office staff are professional and took our case seriously and with due diligence he and his office kept us informed every step of the way. We are pleased beyond belief of the results obtained.

My family and I highly recommend Robert Ernenwein to represent anyone seeking legal counsel, you will be glad you did. Like my family you will breathe and sleep easier knowing you are in good hands!”Alice L.
Torrance, CA

“Robert Ernenwein provided excellent legal representation for several members of my family over the past four years. In each instance he was extremely responsive and knowledgeable-even making himself available in the middle of the night. He was successful in having the charges dismissed and demonstrated close ties with the court staff and prosecutors who clearly respect him. His office was very easy to work with and followed up with all communications very promptly. I could not recommend him more highly. If you need help defending yourself or a family member, call him!”Susan S.
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

“For the first time in my life I was in need of a good lawyer for my son who was charged with multiple crimes and if convicted would have resulted with spending time in prison. After a thorough search of attorneys in the south bay, I chose Robert Ernenwein. After discussing my son’s legal situation with Mr. Ernenwein he decided to accept our case. Mr. Ernenwein worked to get my son’s charges reduced to a misdemeanor and represented him in court and was able to recommend to the court that my son be considered for entry into a diversion program with community service to avoid conviction against the objection of the prosecution and was successful in doing so. Mr. Ernenwein gave my son the opportunity at a second chance in life free of the stigma of a criminal record that would of had insurmountable negative consequences for him not to mention the loss of many future opportunities with having a criminal record. I could not be more pleased and satisfied with the work Mr. Ernenwein provided and the outcome as well. Mr. Ernenwein is a true professional and dedicated attorney at law. I highly recommend to anyone in need of great legal representation to call Robert Ernenwein. I am thankful I did!”Marvin W.
Gardena, CA

“These people really know what they are doing. The entire staff was friendly and professional. Mr. Ernenwein regularly updated me on what was going on in my case. All the reviews I read were true they really are excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend. In the end result i was over satisfied , my case was able to get dismissed.”Andrea H.
Long Beach, CA

“I could not have asked for a better more reputable and professional defense attorney than Mr. Ernenwein. I was facing 5 years in state prison with 3 open cases and about 15 outstanding felony charges. We went to trial and his demeanor,composure, and expertise as a crimal defense attorney was impeccable. The trial resulted in a hung jury and I wound up pleading down to 3 felonies with an opportunity to exponge them off my record after a probationary period. You cant put a price on justice or freedom, but if you do these guys are worth every penny of it.”Jenn A.
San Pedro, CA

“Mr. Robert Ernenwein was outstanding in presenting my family members in a case last year. He was highly recommended to us by one of our friends. We met with him the same day we contacted his office and when we desperately needed to speak to a lawyer. We could not thank him enough for making it possible for us to consult with him late that evening after work. He took the time to listen and explained everything we should expect from the case which was dismissed. We were totally confident with him and very well represented by Mr. Ernenwein throughout the entire time. He is knowledgeable and truly a professional. My family and I would refer him and this fine law firm to anyone who needs a great criminal defense attorney.”Cindy P.
Torrance, CA

“Robert is literally one of the best Criminal Defense Attorney’s I have ever come in contact with. My brother was arrested in October on three domestic violence counts in Redondo Beach, CA on vacation. He lives in NY. When I first contacted Robert my brother was in the Twin Towers detention center. He was not able to get through to us. Robert gave us the name of a bail bondsman who would ask for a smaller percentage of my brother’s $45,000.00 bond. Robert also worked with our budget. We do not have a lot of money and he was very kind and understanding of that. My brother is a New York City employee and when he was arrested he was at risk of losing his job. Robert helped us to save his job and make sure that once everything was over, my brother could go on with his normal life as if nothing happened. He also got my brother out of jail pretty quickly. When this first happened I drove up to Robert’s office to meet up with him. I did not get out of work until 5:00 p.m. and I live in San Diego. By the time I got up to Robert’s office it was close to 9:00 p.m. He sat for an hour and a half and explained everything to both my Mother and myself about what to expect. I have to say I was very impressed with him always being optimistic but keeping our expectations realistic. My first impression of him was I was very impressed. I work for Lawyers and I have to say for someone in that profession he has a lot more compassion and care than most. He literally is going through this trial with you. After several months of waiting for a date for the hearing, on December 4th the Prosecutor, (who has a reputation for taking guys like my brother down and making an example of them) wanted my brother to show up in court that day or the next. With no notice to his job and no regard for how much it would cost to get him out here. Robert asked the Judge to please consider my brothers location and please reconsider the date for trial. He was able to convince the Judge and Prosecutor to agree to a date in mid-January. This gave my brother time to make a reasonably priced flight and give his job proper notice that he will need to be absent. Robert and his team did an amazing job regarding the due diligence of the case as well. They hired a private investigator to listen to both the ex-girlfriend’s side of the story and a witness that was at the scene. After these interviews Robert was pretty confident the case would be dismissed but still reminding us to be prepared for what will happen if it is not. Ultimately the case was dismissed as he predicted. One other important aspect to point out about Robert and one colleague of his in particular (John) was literally any time me, my Mother or my Brother had a question we could get a hold of one of them. Since my family and I have never been through a Criminal investigation, we had many questions and many concerns. Robert and his team eased our minds every step of the way. Even the Secretary and the answering service were extremely accommodating. Overall I would recommend Robert Ernenwein to anyone. If anything ever happens again, I know exactly who to call. I cannot recommend him enough and I hope if you or someone you love ever is in a situation like this, you will call Robert. He will get you the best results and you will be at ease knowing you have an attorney who literally is going through this with you. Robert and his team go above and beyond what needs to be done. If anyone from his office reads this, I really cannot thank you enough.”Lara P.
San Diego, CA

“I never imagined that one day I’d need a defense attorney, but I was very fortunate to be introduced to Robert Ernenwein and his staff in my time of need. As intimidating as the legal process was, Robert made sure I knew he was going to be with me every step of the way. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the law was immediately apparent and was exactly the kind of help I needed. Whether it was in the office or in the court room, Robert and his staff delivered results. “William F.
Long Beach, CA

“Thank you for all your time and effort is getting the case dismissed. I am very happy with the way you have handled this case and obtained the best result for me.

After a ten-month long battle, attorney Robert Ernenwein was successfull in obtaining a full dismissal on a domestic violence/assault and battery case.”R.M.

“Robert’s complete dedication to his Practice (26 plus years) resulted not only in my son’s reduced prison sentence but his extensive knowledge in criminal eliminated a for sure strike against him. What he did right was prepare for the case by utilizing outside investigations and covering every detail prior to the hearing. My son was charged with multi counts and facing 48 months in state prison and a strike against him. The end result was a 12 month sentence but most important he was able to eliminate the strike charge which would have put his future in a very dangerous position. “Mark L.

“Mr. Ernenwein was the attorney for our son for nearly five years. He constantly went above and beyond the call of duty doing everything he could and more to insure that our son received the best possible representation. He always had time to listen to our many many concerns and also always took time to answer our never ending questions. Mr. Ernenwein always let us know what to expect. We never felt left in the dark. He was always very professional but personal at the same time. I felt as though he truly cared about our family and son and that Mr. Ernenwein wanted the best for him also. He always took time to explain the next step in whatever process we were going through at a particular time. Even though our process was a long one, Mr. Ernenwein never gave up. He kept doing everything possible to obtain the positive outcome that we recently received. There are no words big eough to express how highly we think of him and how much we appreciate everything he did for us over the years. His level of knowledge and professionalism are second to none. You will not go wrong with Mr. Ernenwein!”Terry

“I recently received a letter in the mail stating i have a warrant for my arrest for domestic violence. I called Mr. Ernenwein and the following Mon. we went to court. He convinced the prosecutor and judge to have the warrant rescinded and i was released on my own recognisance. Forty four days later he had the case dismissed. Mr Ernenwein is a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone. “Domestic Violence Client

“Robert did a great job getting a difficult case dismissed on a motion before trial. He was able to run rings around the district attorney and get the judge to rule in our favor. I would recommend him highly to anyone.”Jay

“For the past year, Robert Ernenwein has represented my case. I could not be happier with both his effort, follow-through, and effectiveness. At the beginning, he was clear about the issues and options. He then helped worked hard to have the case thrown out, and kept at it over the following year to have the arrest sealed and destroyed. Working with Mr. Ernenwein, you can feel confident that all bases will be covered and that he will keep working for you over the long haul to get you the best possible outcome.”DUI Client