Torrance DUI Under 21

Torrance DUI Offenses for Those 21 and Under – DUI Attorney Near Me

Unlike the laws for older drivers, the California DUI regulations for those under the age of 21 form a “zero tolerance” policy. This policy leads to strict punishments if you or your children get caught.

There are numerous laws regarding DUI charges against persons under the age of 21 (Torrance DUI Under 21). The first, California Vehicle Section 23152(b), stipulates that any amount of traceable alcohol for these drivers is unacceptable. This can be as little as .01 percent, which would be legal for older drivers.

If any alcohol is found in the system of an underage individual, he or she faces a mandatory license suspension of one year. If the individual does not even have a license yet, he or she will receive the punishment of waiting longer to obtain one, especially if the individual refuses to comply when asked to take a chemical test.

If someone under the age of 21 is pulled over and found to be under the influence of alcohol, or over the .08 limit, he or she also faces normal DUI charges. If found to have a blood alcohol level of between .05 and .07, then the individual faces an intermediate charge reserved just for this situation.

If they are found guilty on either of these serious charges, younger drivers face serious forms of punishments. These may include, but are not limited to fines, alcohol counseling, education courses, and additional license suspensions.

Given the stakes involved in these cases, and the punishments that may be in store, you need to act quickly to avoid conviction. You need to do so no matter who faces charges, whether it is you, a child of yours, or even family or friends.

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