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The Punishments for a California DUI Conviction Under the Age of 21 Are Strict

For older drivers, it is illegal to drive with a certain blood alcohol level (.08), giving them some leniency to have one or two drinks before hitting the road. The same does not apply for younger drivers.

If you are under 21, is is unlawful to drive with even trace amounts of alcohol in your blood, and a reading of even .01 will yield a California Under 21 DUI arrest. Higher levels will yield more serious charges, no matter your exact age.

The punishments for a California Under 21 DUI conviction can be severe. They may include:

  • Heavy fines
  • License suspension
  • Alcohol counseling
  • Driving education
  • And more

If someone under 21 is pulled over with a higher blood alcohol level, .08 or more, or causes an accident while intoxicated that injures or even kills another person, the punishments are much more severe. You may face time in prison, a revoked license and more.

Whatever the charges against you or your child, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The best way to fight charges against you is meet them head on, using hard evidence and expert testimony to prove your innocence and clean up your criminal record.

For more information about your legal rights in these cases, or if your child faces strict punishments in one of these cases, you need to speak with an attorney at Ernenwein & Johnson as soon as possible.

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